With an experience of over 30 years at the BJJ academies field, 100 units and more than 10,000 students, the G13 team became one of the top teams in the world.

Currently the company has a reference unit, its headquarters, a strategic point in Sao Paulo – BR, which constantly develops and tests its products and services. In order to each new member has always a business model that was tested and approved. Year after year, updates its business model, operational processes, aligning the best practices of management, always striving for excellence in teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.







Love for our art is what drives us!

With a world – class jiu-jitsu, our mission is to help as many people through the sport. Including, professional and high yield.


With over 100 units worldwide and expanding, we have as a goal the constant improvement, support the development of our associates and students. Grow long strides, gain more and more people representatives of our lineage, methodology and flag. Join us in this fight.

Providing our members all the benefits of our art through daily Jiu-jitsu practice. We believe that, when properly taught, the moral values ??of martial doctrine beyond the mats and manifest a whole improving the lives of its practitioners. Champions on and off the mat, champions for life!